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Both insult each other. Both work together to accomplish a task. Do you think Fletcher and Olive are friends, good friends, best friends, or not friends at all? Not friends at all.

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Why do you ship folive. None of the above. If Folive doesn't happen, what will you do then?

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Farm and switch to another ship. Farm and remain a Foliver. Farm and not remain a shipper. When do you think Folive will kiss? Before they get together. After they get together. Who do you think will make the first move to kiss the other? Who is taller Olive or Fletcher? How would the first kiss happen? They're arguing and Fletcher randomly kisses Olive.

They're arguing and Olive randomly kisses Fletcher. They go on their first date and kiss. They get stuck together and kiss. Someone flirts with Olive and she says that she loves Fletcher and they kiss.

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  8. Someone flirts with Fletcher and he says that he loves Olive and they kiss. Do you think Folive is one of the best pairings on Disney? Do you think Olive got a boyfriend to make Fletcher jealous? I never thought of it that way. Do you think Folive will be endgame? How long will you ship Folive? To infinity and beyond! I'll ship them until the end of time. Up until the show ends. Do you ship Folive, but support Flyna? When Folive kiss, how will you react? Jump up and dance. Do you think is best pairing on ANT Farm? Who do you think will confess their feelings first?

    Chyna will make them confess their feelings for each other at the same time. Where do you think Folive will go on their first date? Do you think both Chyna and Angus will be okay with Folive dating? Chyna yes, Angus no. Chyna no, Angus yes. Fletcher will still make the first move. Olive will make the first move.

    A.N.T Farm - MeANT To Be

    When did you start shipping Folive? In the first episode. In a Folive episode. If you had to describe Folive in one word, what would it be? If Folive breakup, will you still ship it? When you spot a Folive moment, what do you do? Are you satisfied with February months results? Guesses about what upcoming episodes are about 23 messages. A day after my birthday. It's a nice song, perfect to Folive. Retrieved from " http: Look, I know we fight all the time, but I'm always here for you.

    Fletcher and I are a couple now. I love you too. This user ships Folive! You've reached the profile of a humongous Folive shipper. I am all for Folive! This user supports the Folive friendship! This user knows that Folive is the cutest ship on A. This user wishes this was a real Folive moment! This user loves little Folive moments like this. This user thinks Folive should kiss at midnight on New Years Eve! This user wants to see Folive moments in season 3!

    This user loves it when Olive and Fletcher fist bump. This user loves this Folive moment. This user has been a Foliver from the begining! This user thinks this Folive moment is so funny! This user wants Dan Signer to give Folive a chance! This user loves F o l i v e! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

    Learn more More Like This. Shake It Up — Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Davis Cleveland. Dog with a Blog — Good Luck Charlie — I Didn't Do It — Liv and Maddie — Wizards of Waverly Place — Sonny with a Chance — The Suite Life on Deck — Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! Edit Cast Series cast summary: Chyna Parks 62 episodes, Sierra McCormick Olive Doyle 62 episodes, Jake Short Fletcher Quimby 62 episodes, Stefanie Scott Lexi Reed 62 episodes, Aedin Mincks Angus Chestnut 49 episodes, Carlon Jeffery Cameron Parks 46 episodes, Alexandria DeBerry Paisley Houndstooth 31 episodes, Christian Campos Edit Storyline Chyna Parks, a musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school.

    Edit Details Official Sites: Hollywood Center Studios - N. Edit Did You Know? Trivia First Disney Channel series to have exactly 65 episodes since Disney abandoned their old "65 Episode Limit Rule" with their shows. Goofs When Chyna, Olive or Fletcher are checking their ANT pads when they receive or are sending messages, you can easily see that it's just a black screen and there's nothing on it.

    Connections Referenced in Liv and Maddie: Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can I find find Disney Casting for A. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Dixon dumps Olive for another girl Emily Robinson , and Chyna is forced to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, Lexi tricks Angus and Fletcher into hiding in her closet by making them believe they are fugitives for crashing into a book store with a driverless car when actually it was in a video game , so that she can use their room to store her clothes. At the end, Fletcher meets Olive and consoles her.

    They lean in and Fletcher kisses Olive. Olive and Fletcher start dating, but keep it a secret from Chyna by pretending to dislike each other as usual. Olive then later reveals it, after Chyna tries to get Fletcher and Olive to get along, which shocks both Chyna and Angus. Chyna is excited about their relationship, while Angus is jealous. He tells Fletcher that he is going after Chyna now, but Fletcher is no longer interested in her. Olive is not convinced that he is, so she had Chyna dress up like her and say 'Interesting Factoids' to Fletcher, but she ends up realizing he really is over Chyna.

    Lexi then tells Fletcher that Olive made Chyna flirt with him to test him, so Fletcher gets back at Olive by having her dress up like Chyna.

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    A.N.T. Farm (TV Series –) - IMDb

    Meanwhile, Lexi is discouraged that there is no clubs at the school that she enjoys, so she turns the Dating Club actually a club about carbon dating into a Cheerleading Squad. After flipping out on her squad, she gets sentenced to an anger management class. In the end, Chyna helps Olive and Fletcher recognize that they only tested each other because they like each other so much, so they get mad at Chyna for going along with it instead. Angus joins Lexi in her anger management class and he angrily explains that while Olive will not go out with him, Chyna will not either.

    He then smashes a lamp on the pile of already-smashed lamps. Lexi is happy, exclaiming, "Why didn't anyone tell me about this club? This club is awesome! Meanwhile, Fletcher gets a big opportunity to move to New York as an artist in residence at an art museum. Wanting to stay in California, and to stay with Olive, Fletcher declines, but Olive "breaks up" with him so he would accept.

    Olive and fletcher dating fanfic

    As Fletcher decides to say his goodbyes to Chyna, Angus, and Olive who reveals she broke up with him so he would take the fellowship, by popping out of a rubbish bin and confessing and stay with his grandma, Chyna and Olive return to the A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved November 30, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved April 28, Archived from the original on September 6, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved June 20, Retrieved June 27, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved August 22, Retrieved August 30, College Football, 'Sponge Bob', 'Smackdown!

    Retrieved June 10, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved November 21, Farm", Friday, November 25 on Disney Channel". Retrieved June 21, Retrieved November 29, Archived from the original on October 23, Retrieved February 27, Retrieved March 7, Retrieved March 23, Retrieved September 10, Retrieved September 24, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved October 8, Retrieved October 30, Retrieved November 5, Retrieved November 27, Retrieved March 13, Retrieved March 21, T Farm Episode Guide". Retrieved October 2, Farm Season Premiere — Today's News: Time Warner Cable On Demand".

    Retrieved July 31, Disney Originals, "Gold Rush: Retrieved October 19, Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 23 January General references " A. Retrieved July 2, Archived from the original on Retrieved January 23, Retrieved from " https: Lists of American children's television series episodes Lists of Disney Channel television series episodes. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Archived copy as title. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 14 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    Zimbaldi, Aedin Mincks as Angus. Marceau, Carrie Reichenbach as Justine. Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed. Shelley Long as Mrs. McMillan, Scott Freeburg as Perp. Allie DeBerry as Paisley. This is a special double-length episode. Zendaya as Sequoia Guest stars: When Olive discovers that funding cuts will affect the art and music programs, the ANTs plan to crash the school board meeting in order to convince them not to cut any programs or else Chyna and Fletcher will be forced to leave. Elsewhere, Lexi is devastated when everyone stops paying attention to her and instead pay attention to the morning announcements that Cameron hosts.

    When the ANTs take the IQ test, Olive is devastated when Chyna receives a higher score than her, so Olive decides to dumb herself down and starts acting like a dumb blonde. Since Chyna got the highest IQ score in the entire school, Principal Skidmore chose her to represent Webster High in the academic decathlon although Chyna does not want to.

    After failing in the first two challenges, Olive takes over and wins. It is later revealed that Angus changed Olive and Chyna's IQ test scores in an attempt to lower Olive's self esteem so she would go out with him. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron train to compete in curling in the Olympics along with Gibson in order to be excused from P. Chyna, tired of Fletcher always asking her out, seeks advice from Lexi.

    She advises her to say yes and he will grow tired, but it does not turn out well so she tells Chyna to be a jerk and criticize everything he does, but he ends up asking her to be his date to his cousin's wedding. When Chyna asks Lexi to help her deal with it, she is mean about it, upsetting him. At the wedding Chyna apologises with a performance of the good things Fletcher has done for her.

    Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley team up for an psychology experiment to place a weak person in the position of authority, so they have Cameron as their subject and make him believe he is the hall monitor, but he drives Olive crazy.

    Jake Short’s Fletcher Dating Olive In New ‘A.N.T. Farm’ Episode After Cancellation Announcement

    It turns out that Cameron and Paisley were partners, their project being how to drive a calm person, Olive, to the brink of madness. Austin North as Holland Absent: Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks Note: This is a sequel to " mutANT farm ". Chyna accidentally convinces her father, Darryl, to quit his job after he tells her much he hates it. Darryl tries finding other suitable jobs, but it is no use. Chyna does not like seeing him depressed, so after she witnesses him track down the remote control very cleverly, she tells him to work as a private investigator. Meanwhile, Lexi is horrified when she realizes that she and Paisley have the same amount of friends on Wolf Pack , a popular social network.

    After finding out that Cameron just signed up to Wolf Pack , they try to compete over whose friend request he should accept first in order to obtain more friends. The next day, Chyna is treated like a superstar. Sierra and Lauryn show up in disguise and tell Chyna that Darlene decided to quit for good, and they want Chyna to replace her for a year-long tour.

    Chyna happily agrees, much to Olive and Fletcher's dismay. With Chyna gone, Lexi decides to put on a school musical where she will finally be the star. Program is being invaded by big kids because Olive and Fletcher are completely helpless without Chyna. Later on, it is revealed that Darlene has been sabotaging Trifecta because Syerra and Laurin fired her for being way too aggressive.

    Darlene plans to roast them on a lighthouse for revenge, but her plan backfires when she falls out of the lighthouse. In the end, Chyna admits that she misses her friends and family, so she decides to go back to San Francisco. Chyna and the rest of the ANTs have had enough with Principal Skidmore due to her selfishness and cheapness, so Chyna comes up with an elaborate scheme and convinces her to retire. Chyna could not be happier, but when Grandma Gladys goes extremely overboard, Chyna tries to get Skidmore back. Meanwhile, Skidmore is annoyed because Olive, thinking that retirement is fun and wants to do so as well, will not let her enjoy her retirement in peace.

    At the end, Chyna gets Miss Skidmore back. Chyna is having trouble with her Black History Month project. As she struggles to write a song for her presentation, she decides to lock herself in a recording booth until she comes up with a great song. After accidentally falling asleep, Chyna takes a dream journey back in time where she becomes famous African American music icons from the past: Using her dream as inspiration, Chyna writes a new version of "Exceptional" with lyrics that pay tribute to the great women who came before her.

    Meanwhile, when Olive makes a memory quilt for her project, she records many embarrassing things about Fletcher.