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People feel very safe in the campus bubble, and Rice Police works hard to protect that feeling, but if you leave your first-floor dorm room unlocked and your laptop in plain sight when you go out of town for the weekend, you have to realize you're setting yourself up for trouble. A few people care about varsity sports, especially baseball, and basketball and football are trying to grow their fan bases. We're not the worst team in our conference, but we're not exactly in the Big Ten. These stereotypes are both accurate and in-accurate.

It's important to know though that at Rice, you can't expect "your kind of people" to just be around, you have to go seek them out.

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It takes an active socialite to find satisfaction in the social climate of Rice. But it's also a great learning experience becuase you really come to love and be cool with the innocent and awkward students that can be found at Rice. I don't mean to put people in "boxes" but it simplifies talking about it.

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I'm being honest about my experience here. The brainiacs are awkward, innocent, and well-intentioned; the athletes are humble, smart, and tight; the architecture students are trendy, very cool, and very chill; the musicians are also very cool, very chill, and give a nice break from the regular student grind of "being in lab" or "hibernating in the library". But when all rice students do get out and have some fun it is bound to be a rockin', querky party! It is true that most Rice students are hard-working and competitive though we are adept at coating our competitive natures in sugar--no claws here.

But there are plenty of opportunities for those so inclined to get wasted--and the great part is that they are often school-sponsored! The residential colleges host fun parties, and thanks to "private parties" mini-parties that are in the rooms of students, but open to everyone , you don't have to be of-age to imbibe. And you don't have to drive to get home, or at least find a place to crash.

Dating & Rice – The Mahogany Workplace

In conclusion--it is a rare Rice student who drinks every night of the week or even most. But the opportunities exist for that. And the seriously party-hardy tend to move off-campus deep oc anyway. Rice students definitely fall into three categories: These stereotypes have some validity to them but are not entirely true. For one, yeah Rice students are going to be for the most part smart because it is a highly selective school, however, I would say a good portion do not act nerdy or would be regarded as such.

Also the average Rice student studies a good amount on weekdays but starting on Thursday through Saturday you will see a ton of parties on campus and Rice students are not shy about having a good time and drinking. As far as sports go, the two biggies football and basketball are usually bad, but our baseball program is a national powerhouse and always in contention for a College World Series Championship.

Lastly, not all the Rice students are the best looking people, but there are still some hot girls.


In my opinion none of these stereotypes are true. Academs tend to care more about having a job that is applicable in the real world to helping people and understanding the world. Contrary to popular belief Academs do get jobs, go to law school, become business people, get in to grad school and even med school. Bet of luck to both of us in the dating jungle! Tho I do not have any children of my own I have dated several single dads and fully understood that their child came first and I was okay with that.

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